June 24, 2019

The final story and picture ahead of our #Moodlab Launch this Saturday features Enoch Li, Our partner and story creator throughout the process.

We’ll be exhibiting the photos from award-winning photographer Pere Ibañez and stories at Camera Stylo from 6.30pm this Saturday 29 June – scan the QR in the poster to buy a ticket if you haven’t already!

Name: Enoch Li

Country of Origin: China

Occupation: Bearapy Founder

Time in Beijing: 2...

June 24, 2019

To see the original prints from our #Moodlab bipolar disorder series, meet photographer Pere and mingle with Beijing’s mental health community, come to Camera Stylo on Saturday from 6:30 pm for our #Moodlab Launch Party. Scan the code in the poster to buy a ticket – or just turn up!

Below you’ll find the latest story and picture from the campaign aiming to raise awareness of bipolar disorder.

Name: Katharina Qi

Country of Origin:...

June 2, 2019





Just #BeYourself.

MoodlaB is the award-winning photo and story series from CandleX, Bearapy and Pere Ibañez featuring models living in Beijing whose lives have been touched by bipolar disorder. From 29 June at Camera Stylo, the photos will be displayed for the first time ever in China. We can’t wait to show off our photos, our stories and our community – so use the QR code below or on the pos...

January 11, 2018

Moving to a new country, going through a breakup, losing a job, or living with mental conditions are very challenging. Yet, there’s no reason to suffer alone when one can choose to join hands with others and let the power of connection and group support encourage and heal us.

In the absence of such social support in Beijing, CandleX established the peer support group in October, 2015, with the goal to provide psychosocial suppo...

October 4, 2017

Since CandleX started, we have been invited to provide mental health workshops and presentations in and out of school for teenagers. Given the concerning prevalence and severity of mental health issues amongst teenagers, we are now offering more support to this age group.

CandleX’s Mental Health for Teens Program:

  • Goals: to reduce social stigma of mental health on campus; to provide tools and local resources for mental healt...

September 5, 2017

“I am hiding in the corner because if they know, they’ll judge me

I am suffocated, because you don’t know what I am going through

I am exhausted because I have to fake like I am okay”

--words from people with bipolar disorder

Because we want you to hear their voice, and because we want them to be strong enough to step up,  we are putting together a book, and we need your support.


An art educational book on bipolar disorder with 3...

April 10, 2017

CandleX seeks to raise awareness about depression and bi-polar disorder. It is important to, as a community, increase our resilience to mental illness and reduce the associated stigma. CandleX would like to scale up our interactive presentations and workshops in and around Beijing’s local international community so as to assist in this transition. 


Our interactive workshops can be conducted in...

October 19, 2016

Have you ever wonder: what life is like when you’re depressed or thought that nobody else could understand your own depression?

The CandleX Column, My Story with Depression aims to tackle both of these questions. 

“I have read many online stories about depression during my own times of darkness. It’s always the positive ones that can hold me above water for that day, and then I read another one, and another day goes by, and anot...

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