October 5, 2019

In Sep 2015, I went visit NYC and friends there. As I was walking in China Town, I passed a fire fighter station. Growing up watching American TV shows, fire station to me is an immediate attraction. So as a tourist visiting for the first time, it caught my eyes. In the mean time, I was on my 42-day abs yoga challenge too. As part of the routine, every day I would post a yoga picture after I finish my practice.

So for just a se...

June 24, 2019

The final story and picture ahead of our #Moodlab Launch this Saturday features Enoch Li, Our partner and story creator throughout the process.

We’ll be exhibiting the photos from award-winning photographer Pere Ibañez and stories at Camera Stylo from 6.30pm this Saturday 29 June – scan the QR in the poster to buy a ticket if you haven’t already!

Name: Enoch Li

Country of Origin: China

Occupation: Bearapy Founder

Time in Beijing: 2...

June 24, 2019

To see the original prints from our #Moodlab bipolar disorder series, meet photographer Pere and mingle with Beijing’s mental health community, come to Camera Stylo on Saturday from 6:30 pm for our #Moodlab Launch Party. Scan the code in the poster to buy a ticket – or just turn up!

Below you’ll find the latest story and picture from the campaign aiming to raise awareness of bipolar disorder.

Name: Katharina Qi

Country of Origin:...

June 2, 2019





Just #BeYourself.

MoodlaB is the award-winning photo and story series from CandleX, Bearapy and Pere Ibañez featuring models living in Beijing whose lives have been touched by bipolar disorder. From 29 June at Camera Stylo, the photos will be displayed for the first time ever in China. We can’t wait to show off our photos, our stories and our community – so use the QR code below or on the pos...

May 31, 2019

Our latest piece in the One Model One Story series, written by Enoch Li, founder of Bearapy, is about Alice, who lives with bipolar disorder. The accompanying picture, ‘Alice’, by Spanish Photographer Pere Ibañez, is displayed throughout June and July at our Moodlab exhibit at Camera Stylo in Beijing, along with other work from the award-winning series.

Name: Alice Liu
Country of Origin: China

Occupation: School Academic Officer


May 25, 2019

Xiaojie Qin, Founder of CandleX, has a past with bipolar disorder. Although sheis no longer labelled with this condition, she wrote this piece two years ago about her experience. The accompanying image, short by Pere Ibañez, is part of the “Moodlab” series and is name’s 11 de Octubre. 

Name: Xiaojie Qin

Country of Origin: China

Occupation: Management

Fear of Missing Out | My Bipolar Disorder

The thing about bipolar is

You have half...

April 25, 2019

CandleX exists to support the Beijing community by raising awareness of and supporting people living with mental illnesses such and depression and bipolar disorder. As part of this, we publish stories and pieces of writing by members of our community in our ‘My Story with Depression’ Project. Do you have a story to share? Send an e-mail to stories@candlex.cn or write a comment below.

A Death and a Rebirth – My thoughts on bipol...

March 27, 2019

30th March is Bipolar Awareness Day. To raise awareness, we are publishing another story in our Moodlab Series from model Curr, who lives with bipolar disorder. To see more photos and stories from the campaign, follow our Moodlab column.

If you would like to share your story with the CandleX community in the form of poetry or writing, send an e-mail to stories@candlex.cn.

Name: Curr Shi

Country of Origin: China

Occupation: Public...

Name: Adia Hsu

Country of Origin: China

Occupation: Medical Student

No judgment

I dreamt my sister, the one I love the most, tried to kill me. That one night, I was in the room alone, in the middle of July, and we were supposed to turn off the lights for one hour to save electricity. I ran to hide in the corner of the room. I was only in high school then.

There was a time I would cry every night before I went to sleep. I could not...

October 3, 2018

We will all encounter issues at some point in our lives. It may be the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, or mental health issues. What I admire about people is the pieces of freedom we are still able to find during times of adversity, and use that space for self-expression and relaxation.

When you are tied up, you can either try fighting it, or relaxing, taking a breath and finding your pace again. What do you see in...

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