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Online Webinar | Psychology Programs and Life as a Therapist

As society continues to develop, the profession of psychotherapy has also received increasing attention in recent years. If you are planning to enter this field, you may be looking for more learning, practice, and employment opportunities. You may also be looking for insight into the career and life of a practicing psychotherapist. This insightful 90-minute webinar will explore these topics and provide you with valuable knowledge regarding different graduate programs, as well as advantages and disadvantages of pursuing this path. You will come away with a clearer understanding of whether a degree in the field of psychology aligns with your strengths, personality, and desired lifestyle.

This webinar will be organized by Ms. Qin Xiaojie, the director of CandleX and a registered psychotherapist in China and Australia.

Cost: 150RMB

Event time: July 25th, 2023 20:00-21:30

Online: Tencent Meeting

Language: English or Chinese (depending on the language of the participants)

Content: 60 minute presentation+30 minute Q&A

To ensure that everyone receives the relevant information they need, participants may submit their questions to the presenter who will prepare the presentation accordingly.

Register: Please scan QR code below



费用: 150元

活动时间:2023年7月25日 20:00-21:30






This webinar will cover the following key areas:

Graduate Degree:

  • Psychotherapy is a branch of psychology- how to decide whether to pursue a major in psychotherapy or another kind of psychology degree

  • How to apply for master's degree in psychology with a bachelor's degree in a different field

  • How to optimize your resume to apply for a psychology major

Studying Abroad:

  • The differences in psychotherapy degrees in various countries (UK, USA, Australia)

  • The impact of having a degree on future employment in China and foreign countries


  • At present, the counseling/psychotherapy market in China lacks standardization; guidance for how to maintain ethical career development

  • The skills, background, and experience required by employers; understanding the current market

Career and Personal Matching Index:

  • Each profession has its unique characteristics. How to determine whether your interests, hobbies, personality traits, and expected lifestyle are suitable to be a counselor. Main points to understand when choosing this profession

Note: Xiaojie has a Master's degree in counseling from Monash University in Australia. She is a registered counselor at ACA in Australia and a Level 3 psychotherapist in China. For those who need to have a deep understanding of degrees and job markets in other countries, please be aware of this.



  • 心理咨询是心理学的一个分支,如何考虑是读心理咨询还是读其他心理学科的专业;

  • 针对本科学历不是心理学的硕士申请者,如何跨行申请。

  • 如何更好的准备你的简历,让你在心理专业申请上加分。


  • 心理咨询的学位在不同的几个发达国家(英国、美国、澳大利亚)的差异;

  • 以及学位对今后执照在中国或者外国就业的影响。


  • 目前国内心理咨询市场服务提供者鱼龙混杂、市场缺乏规范,心理咨询师的良性发展路径;

  • 雇主所需的技能、背景和经验,以及目前市场上的工作和就业情况。




This webinar will provide enthusiasts with a guide towards entering the field of counseling/psychotherapy, while stimulating more competitiveness and professionalism within the industry. If you would like to learn more, please sign up to join our discussion.

Qin Xiaojie's introduction:



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