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Event Review | Bipolar Workshop at The Peking University Affiliated High School

CandleX hosted a “Bi-polar Disorder Reality Check” at the Peking University Affiliated High School.

This was the first time that CandleX held a workshop in a public high school. CandleX is very excited to begin the sort of interaction and relationship with public school students in Beijing.

The senior years of high school are a stressful period as students prepare to write their final standardized test. The results of this test will determine their future university admission potential. Students also need to decide which major they would like to pursue and this is a decision that can also increase stress levels.

Knowing how to identify and manage negative and stress driven emotions can help students get through this difficult period more easily. CandleX hosted a workshop with the students with the intention of raising awareness about mental health and also helping the students to develop coping strategies.

The students responded well to this content and we hope that they will find some benefit in the coming weeks as they face their exams.

CandleX founder, Xiaojie Qin, says. “I think of CandleX as a person that travels around to plant seeds.” Mental health is often ignored in our society and if by raising awareness and introducing people to the importance of taking care of one’s mental health we are helping these concepts to take root and grow. The younger generations are the future and by giving them the opportunity to learn about and consider mental health we hope to propagate these kinds of healthy habits in the future of our society.

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