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Chinese-speaking CandleX is born! 始然心理公众号将于2021年1月1日正式启动

2020 has been an unusual and challenging time for the world: with the rampant coronavirus and many natural disasters, this period of uncertainty and turbulence has magnified many people’s sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness as well as many other emotions. This year has been a challenge for us all, especially for families with children and students. All of a sudden, the familiar steps and rhythms of life broke for many of us.

“Misfortune, that is where happiness depends; happiness, that is where misfortune underlies.” comes from an old Chinese proverb. It is this feeling of unknown and uncertainty that has pushed people's emotions to the brink, making mental health a focus of the public eye.

Mental health has indeed gained more and more attention, but in China it is still a topic that can easily be ignored. CandleX, our non-profit organization based in Beijing, provides mental health services primarily to international communities. Being in operation since 2015, CandleX has gradually attracted more and more people, specifically expats and English speaking Chinese. Through this platform, many people opened their hearts for the first time, bravely acknowledging and facing their emotions, and learning how to cope with them.

The five and a half years of operation have given us a lot of experience. CandleX’s teen projects have gradually expanded, starting with mental health education in schools and educational institutions. We began to feel the needs of this special group such as the mental health needs of international students in China and Chinese students overseas. This year’s teen’s open letter project has been greatly recognized and promoted by schools, media, educational institutions, counselors and psychologists. However, in some of the families, the parents do not speak English. In order to help parents better understand their child's feelings and improve their parent-child relationship, we had the idea to make a Chinese WeChat official account. After months of preparation, we will officially be launching “始然心理(ShiRan XinLi)” on January 1st, 2021.

Watch the video below from the director of CandleX

We hope that this platform for mental health will reach many common families in China, so that fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, teachers and students can join hands and build a healthy bridge of communication with continued education on how to maintain good mental health with each other. We hope that this program will help mental health become an ordinary topic in China.




这五年半的运作给了我们很多的经验,给了我们很多的信心。青少年的心理健康项目逐步发展扩大,我们从在学校、教育机构做心理健康教育开始,也更多的感受到一个特殊群体的特殊需求,即在华的国际学校学生,以及在国外的中国留学生心理健康的需求。而今年的“青少年公开信”项目得到学校、媒体、教育机构以及心理咨询师和心理学家的认可和推广。而这一部分家庭中,有一部分家庭的父母不讲英文,为了更好的帮助这些家庭的家长了解到自己子女的心声、促进亲子关系的改善,就有了做一个中文公众号的想法,涉及家长教育以及翻译青少年教育的原创内容 。所以我们决定:2021年1月1日,开启运营CandleX中文公众号: 始然心理 CandleX






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