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Moving to a new country, going through a breakup, losing a job, or living with mental conditions are very challenging. Yet, there's no reason to suffer alone when one can choose to join hands with others and let the power of connection and group support encourage and heal us.

In the absence of such social support in Beijing, CandleX established the peer support group in October 2015, with the goal to provide psychosocial support to the Beijing community. Our group meeting shifted from meeting in person to meeting online during the period of Convid-19. It provides a safe and supportive environment for people living in and out of Beijing to share personal thoughts and experiences in small, confidential gatherings.

To understand this project, or if you’d like to read our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year support group review, please visit

NOTE: If you are looking for information about mental health treatments or have a close friend or family member who is living with a mental health condition like depression or anxiety and you want to support them, our Pre-treatment Guidance Program is perfect for that.

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Key Information

  • Peer support group Participants: Our support groups are for people living with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, or that have suffered trauma such as domestic abuse. The support group is especially effective for newcomers who are in situations of lack of social support, experiencing shame and guilt of having depression, or people who present an elevated risk of mental illness.

  • Date: every second and fourth Tuesday (both offline)

  • Time : 19:30-21:00

  • Location: near Dongdaqiao (details will be communicated via a confirmation email after 4 pm, the day before each meeting)

  • Language: English

  • Max number: 7 people each session

  • Fee: 40rmb or 20rmb (income ≤6000rmb/month)

  • Registration via scanning QR code, or click on


  • Note: we also organize casual hang out dinner for group members that are in Beijing from time to time

Content and Approach:

During the meeting, the core elements are as follow:

  • Share our stories and feelings, and let others help you, and give you emotional support when dealing with difficult emotions alone.

  • Help each other recognize the importance of tending to and promoting our own self-care

  • The meeting is generally conducted in talking and sharing, but we offer other approaches to make sure that we feel relaxed and comfortable to share, including some guided meditation, breathing exercises, etc. There is one facilitator to throughout the workshop, monitor the progress of each session and facilitate group interactions.

  • Keep in touch with each other, as we have a WeChat group (that you may join after attending at least one meeting) where you are free to choose an accountability partner, with whom you will check up on each other regularly and help each other reach your goals, as well as make sure you are safe and not alone during tough times, especially if you are having suicidal thoughts. As an accountability partner, you may help give each other the clarity needed to move ahead, motivate one another to make plans and to be consistent with them, etc.

Peer Group Principles

  • We shall not be held responsible for group member's safety. We are all peers. There are no professionals in this group. CandleX will not be responsible for people engaging in self-harm or suicidal ideations. If you are in a crisis, please seek a professional immediately at the same time. You will find useful information on our crisis page, visit:

  • All information shared with the group is held confidential. All new participants will need to register first for eligibility screening.

  • no graphic description of suicide, self-harm, and death as it may trigger some of the attendees.

  • Please note that this is a Peer Support Group, there will be no professional therapists attending. By signing up the peer support group, I understand and agree to release CandleX and its staff or volunteers from any or all liability connected to my own participation, including but not limited to any forms of self-harm or suicide.