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Xiaojie’s work Therapy with Abuse Survivors, Interview with CBD

September 2022, China Development Brief featured Project A for their work in providing affordable therapy to survivors of abusive relationships in Beijing.

Accessing affordable mental health support in China can be a challenge to both locals and foreigners alike. For survivors of abusive relationships, it can be especially difficult to find suitable spaces for therapy and healing.

As founders, Megan Purvis and Qin Xiaojie discuss the inspiration behind Project A, the unique ways in which they’ve operated via community funding, and their plans for the future of the program.

Empathizing with the complexities of seeking help from domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, Xiaojie shares insight to the methods used in therapy sessions that help facilitate the healing process.


Read the interview in Chinese, please click here: A计划:中美女性联手帮助家暴受害者走出阴影


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