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For anyone in need of assistance in times of crisis, or just a listening ear, here are some recommended hotlines. They all offer free, anonymous, confidential support services. Some of them offer it in the form of live chat. 

Moving to a new country, going through a breakup, losing a job, or living with mental conditions are very challenging. Yet, there's no reason to suffer alone when one can choose to join hands with others and let the power of connection and group support encourage and heal us.

As mental health awareness grows, more and more people are curious about seeking psychotherapy. CandleX aims to provide learning resources to support those who may be navigating this space for the first time.

It’s challenging to navigate your options for self-care and treatment resources in Beijing. In an effort to further support our mental health community, CandleX is pleased to offer one on one consultation sessions for pre-treatment guidance.

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