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Crisis Hotlines | Be brave! Reach out for help!

Updated June 2021

If you or anyone around you is in a situation where you are in need of advice or help, here are three suggestions as to what you could do to resolve the situation.

1. Learn how you can help yourself and others: We’ve completed our online “Classroom”-articles we’ve written with the goal to support the community in taking care of one’s mental health and giving guidance on how to respond to depression.

2. Go to CandleX’s Mental Health Peer Support Group in Beijing:

3. Reach out to the crisis hotlines listed below

For anyone in need of assistance in times of crisis, or just a listening ear, below are some recommended hotlines. They all offer anonymous, confidential support services. Some of them offer it in the form of live chat. All services are free of charge: callers only need to pay the normal phone call rate.