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Depression Documentary Screening Review, and Call for More

CandleX hosted a documentary screening at the Beijing Mindfulness Center. The documentary, “The Tiny Little Box” is CandleX’s own production and was shot in Thailand in 2015. The documentary follows four individual’s stories about their struggles with depression. It also speaks to two mindfulness practitioners about their stories.

After the film concluded, a Q&A session was held. We discussed the basics of mental health such as why depression happens, what causes it to start and end, and also how you can help friends or family deal with depression.

We thrive to create a non-judgmental, caring and knowledgeable environment to raise awareness about depression. Depression can happen to all of us regardless of our social status, economic status, and beliefs. When we start to talk about depression, we start to heal.

Local Resources for Social Support

CandleX’s Peer Support Group

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, CandleX hosts a Peer Support Group. This is where people in any mental state can go and share openly in a confidential setting.

Please scan the QR code below to reserve your spot or to contact us with any questions you may have.

Beijing Mindfulness Center/Small Steps Office

The Beijing Mindfulness Center was created so that Beijing could have a calm place where Beijing residents can go to relax and reconnect with their inner self through the practice of mindfulness. Dalida Turkovic, the founder of the Beijing Mindfulness Center and acting life coach, is committed to bringing this type of setting to the Beijing community. At the Beijing Mindfulness Center, growth, curiosity, positivity, self-awareness and non-judgment are the guiding values. For more information on the Beijing Mindfulness Center please visit their website,

Call for More Screenings

CandleX is always looking for more places to screen our documentary and after each screening we will give presentations and/or have a discussion on depression. Our goal is to raise awareness and increase the community’s knowledge about depression. If anyone is interested in breaking the silence of depression, please contact us through our wechat account (scan below).

Stay in touch with CandleX for more updates on events and workshops by scanning our QR code below.

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