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News | CandleX on the radio for World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th marks World Suicide Prevention Day, a global awareness raising event observed to honour commitment and action to preventing suicide. Last year in Beijing, CandleX Founder Xiaojie and Peer Support Group Project Coordinator Alice Liu commemorate this important day for mental health awareness and depression awareness with an appearance on an English speaking radio show, Touch Beijing 感受北京, online and on AM774/FM 92.3, on 10th September 2018.

Hosts Chloe and Kat (below) introduced Xiaojie and Alice in the interview segment of their show, after sharing some personal stories about their experiences on mental health. Xiaojie, CandleX’s Founder and Director, explained her motivations for starting the organization and need for a platform for the international community in Beijing to raise awareness of, and provide psychosocial care for, mental health issues such as depression or bipolar.

Xiaojie and Alice have both health with their personal mental health issues, and it is this that allows them access to a deeper understanding of the need for support; They were both given space on the show to explain their personal motivations, and to answer for commonly held misconceptions or misunderstandings about mental illness, peer-to peer support, and the healing process. Alice, who has been a member of the peer support group, opened up about her nerves and even reluctance before joining, and continued struggles with mental illness.

As for Xiaojie (above), she was able to share statistics from CandleX’s peer support group 3rd year Review Report and anecdotes about the history of CandleX, as well as her own personal story.

We are grateful for Touch Beijing for this opportunity to promote CandleX’s message.

Did you listen to the radio show? Let us know what you think by email:

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