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The Fine Line between Life and Death l Xiaojie’s poem

You are in China. You have depression. You feel all alone. You want to check out. I don’t know who you are. But I know what you are going through, because I have been there. You may think nobody cares, but I do.


On this year’s World Suicide Prevention day (9/10), I wrote this poem for those…

whose light is dimmed by depression,

for those who feel so much pain and despair, and are ready to go,

for those whose life hangs by a string and nobody knows.

I hope this poem can bring you the strength to hang in there.


It’s disappointing, when you look in the mirror every morning,

It’s terrifying when you stand on the tip of a cliff with no space to back away,

It’s hopeless: lost in the ocean without sight of the shore,

It’s painful: when the music plays and the heart aches,

It’s suffocating, when you try to breath but it feels like you are in a vacuum.

The rest is nothing, pulseless, numb

One day, you hear a voice in your head that tells you to end it all

It’s scary at first,

But soon, the never-ending pain makes the voice sound gentle.

You look inside

Your soul has already rotted

You can be surrounded by people who love you

But still feel totally alone.

There’s only pain left, the undesirable pointless pain