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CandleX Teens’ Learning Group | Mental Health Project

My smile disappeared as soon as I hung up the video call with my parents. My facial muscles felt stiff. It’s always hard to hold a fake smile for long. I was struggling, but I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want them to worry. That would only make me feel worse.

I tried to cheer myself up by watching cute baby videos. When that didn’t work, I found myself wishing that there was someone who understood how I was feeling and could talk me out of the feelings of stress and anxiety.

I know that it’s not just my mental health that is suffering. I’ve heard about similar experiences from a lot of my friends.

“I have a big friend group, but I still feel so isolated.”

When was the last time that you were vulnerable with your friends? You love them and you trust them, but everyone seems so put together that you don’t want to confess your true feelings. You feel like you’re the only one who’s not doing that well. Or maybe you haven’t been vulnerable with them because you don’t want to upset them or impose on them.

“I felt ashamed that Covid had been stressing me out, because so many people have it way worse than me. Some are physically affected, but I am still healthy.”

“I always feel anxious, but I don’t know if that’s because I am just a weak person.”

Do you ever dismiss your mental health problems as trivial? We believe that anyone who struggles, no matter to what extent, deserves help and support.

— Teens’ Learning Group Lead 2020

Background information

Launched in 2015, the mission of CandleX is to provide English speaking people in Beijing with affordable, accessible, and quality mental health support. In 2020, we expanded our program to focus on mental health education and support among Chinese students who will be/ are studying abroad.

Teens’ learning group

A space where we learn about common mental health issues and ways to cope with them. We can also share our stories and experiences (anonymously or not) and support each other in difficult situations.

You are not alone.

What will we do?

  • Learn about mental illnesses— their symptoms, treatment, and prevention

  • Help and support each other through difficult situations

  • Practice using coping skills and keep each other accountable

  • Group meditation

  • Share weekly self-help resources

  • Relaxation and game

Who is eligible?

  • Teens and young adults’ from age 15-22 (for adults of age 23+, please join our adult’s mental health group. Add our admin here on WeChat: Niama_elazzab)

  • People who need a space to talk and destress

  • People who need help dealing with life situations

  • People who are willing to support each other

  • People who are learning about psychology and related fields of studies

  • People who can and are willing to communicate with English

To join:

Please add our teen’s group admin on your WeChat: Amaraprenderyya (put in the remark: teens WeChat group)



CandleX’s Resources

Are you or a friend in a Crisis?

Your questions on mental health | CandleX Classroom

Depression stories from our community members (both adults and teens)

CandleX Column | Community Writing

A CandleX production on Depression

CandleX Wechat Groups

all ages, add our admin: niama_elazzab 

for 15-22 year old, add our admin:  amaraprenderyya

Peer Support Group

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