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In China, by the end of 2019, nearly 140,000 people would die by suicide [1]. In China, suicide is the fifth leading cause of death and accounts for over one-quarter of suicides worldwide.

In Beijing, a city estimated to have 22 million people, this means that around 2100 die by suicide each year. Therefore, on average, six people complete suicide each day in Beijing (if calculated with the same suicide rate (9.7 per 100,000 people).

Yet, we do not talk about it.

CandleX is teaming up with BARE for a panel discussion on mental health at Crossboundaries in Sanlitun with the intention to reduce stigma (which prevents most from seeking support), to offer intervention tools for oneself and others, and to bring this topic to our Beijing community.

Our Panelists

We have invited two community members, one from our CandleX Support Group, and one from the Beijing community, to talk about their lived, first-hand experiences. We would like to thank them for their openness and kindness to speak about it, so together as a community, we are able to help others. Xiaojie, Director/Founder of CandleX, and facilitator of the peer support group since 2015 will join the panel to share her experiences working with people in crisis from the psychosocial support aspect. Psychologist, Dr. Hu Bojun, from United Family, will also join the panel to complete the discussion from a clinical perspective. The event will be moderated by Helena from BARE.

We have 60 mins for panel discussion and 30 mins for Q&A.

Event Info

Location: Crossboundaries, Sanlitun, Beijing (next to Home Plate)


- pre-sale 120 rmb (by 13th October), 150 rmb at the door

- pre-sale 60 rmb (by 13th October), 80 rmb at the door (for those making less than 8000rmb/month)

- Time: registration is 7:00-7:15 pm, panel discussion: 7:30-9:00 pm

Note: due to the nature of the topic and respect for people on the panel, we will close the door at 7:25 pm so we can start on time without distraction

Registration: scan the QR code below, or click on “read more”

This panel discussion is our effort to create a necessary workforce, a foundation, based on

“A Stepped Care Model for Suicide Care”

We’d like to invite you to read these articles from our community and watch videos CandleX produced recently to bring awareness to suicide prevention.

In the Moment of Blur | Sam's Story with Depression

The Fine Line between Life and Death l Xiaojie's poem

Suicide Prevention, CandleX BJ (Video)

Signs | Suicide Prevention (video)

If you know anyone that is struggling with depression or severe stress, you can encourage them to go to our CandleX Mental Health Peer Support Group. To learn more about the support group, you can take a look at our peer support review reports from the past few years.

About BARE

BARE is a safe space for people to be their true selves and relate to each other in order to find the support they need to cope with the challenges of the modern world.

BARE allows people to remove their protective armor, share their behind-the-scenes, and encourage them to build meaningful relationships, reminding them they are not alone.

We hope BARE will be the first step in fostering a broader culture of strength through vulnerability.

Special thanks to Crossboundaries for the venue support



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