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What is Emotional Abuse? | Classroom

Today is World Trauma Day. Our director and psychotherapist, Xiaojie, talks about emotional abuse, which leads to emotional and psychological trauma. In this video, you will learn how to recognize 14 signs of emotional abuse from One Love Foundation and other factors that differentiate abuse from common unhealthy interactions, as well as social and professional support offered to the English-speaking community in China.

Social and professional support currently available

Support in Shanghai

Thanks to the Inward campaign raising awareness of sexual violence and funds for survivors to receive safe trauma-informed care, Ferguson Women’s Health offers free medical assistance and relevant tests, and Community Center Shanghai offers one free counseling session (with the possibility of extended pro bono or subsidized rate care) for survivors of sexual trauma. For more information, you can see their official WeChat account: CCS-counseling.

Support in Beijing

Xiaojie and Megan (from Female Health Empowerment Network) teamed up in September 2021 to provide therapy services for women who had past abusive relationships. The services include four 2-hour group therapy sessions for 4-6 participants and discounted counseling individual therapy sessions for 100rmb/session for four sessions. The current round of group therapy is closed. However, if you would like to be informed of future sessions, please contact Megan through WeChat: meganpurvis.

For individual therapy sessions with Xiaojie, please contact Emma for intake. Every month, there is a limited number of discounted rates for individuals who have financial difficulties.

There are other general support resources available, please check out our article on crisis hotlines.


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