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Our Vision

CandleX Business supports companies, schools, and embassies in China to create a mentally healthy work environment where employers & employees are empowered to achieve their personal & professional best.

We believe that a healthy mind is key to success. By providing mental health services to workplaces, we work towards building harmonious teams where everyone feels a sense of belonging and fulfillment.

Our focus is on providing employers and employees with the resources and support they need to thrive, enabling them to feel happy about their work and experience improved wellbeing while achieving performance goals.


CandleX Business was founded by psychotherapist and entrepreneur Xiaojie Qin. It is a chapter of CandleX, a non-profit company providing mental health services to the international community in Beijing and beyond.

Since the CandleX community first started in 2015, our team has worked with top international schools, embassies, and multi-national companies in and around Beijing, and occasionally outside China. In 2024, we are proud to launch our Business chapter dedicated towards providing services for mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Founder, Xiaojie Qin


Our approach combines psycho-education and mobilization work while being finely attuned to each company’s unique culture. We deliver individualized plans to all of our clients based on the way their company works, in order to effectively impact their specific working environment. CandleX Business works on the level of emotions, addressing a company’s internal wellbeing in addition to imparting external knowledge. All the mental health work that we do- including workshops, presentations and other group activities- is deeply rooted in the intention of facilitating trust and belonging.

Throughout CandleX’s years of experience working directly with individuals and groups on their mental health struggles, many of those people have joined our cause to raise awareness by allowing us to share their stories. By integrating these stories within our educational content, we set the pace for true human connection and understanding.

Our aim is to nurture trust, honesty, and self-reflection that leads to genuine improvement. This, we believe, can lead to collective change on an organizational level.

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They Trust Us

CandleX has worked with international schools, embassies, and multi-national companies including the following:

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