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When the mind stills, it sees more.

A letter from Xiaojie, Founder and Executive Director | CandleX

Dear friends of CandleX,

Below is a handwritten letter to our CandleX email subscribers. I wrote it in June a few weeks ago in northern Thailand at my meditation retreat, where there’s no phone, no Internet, just stillness and reflection.

When CandleX first began, we didn’t have WeChat for the entire first year. Everything was communicated in the old fashion way - email. Since the email list serve only included my friends, and people who wrote to us expressing gratitude, or asking for help, it was more intimate.

WeChat has enabled us to connect with the greater community, but I do miss writing a personal email to our CandleX email followers. Quite a few people on our email list don’t have WeChat, and so, here, I want to say, sorry that we haven’t been in touch that much since March.

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