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Event l Meditation transforms me: from depression to inspiration, at Bar Camp

One of the questions that we most frequently receive is, “I am feeling depressed. What can I do?”

In our answer, we always include this element: Try Meditation!

This ancient practice has been studied in Cognitive Therapy in the past few decades. Continued studies have shown the positive effect of regular meditation practice on mental wellbeing.

Come and join us at BarCamp this Saturday night to hear about our personal experiences with the practice of meditation and treatment of depression. Founder of CandleX, Xiaojie, turned to mindfulness practice to cope with depression, and along the way, the deepening of her practice has helped her to decrease the likelihood of a relapse.

She will speak about her journey, and also about how we can begin and then continue a mindfulness practice.

Come join us at Bar Camp, and many other inspirational speakers and topics

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