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Pre-treatment Guidance | Mental Health

When you or your loved ones feel depressed or are dealing with severe anxiety, it’s challenging to navigate your options for self-care and treatment resources in Beijing. In an effort to further support our mental health community, CandleX is pleased to announce that we will be expanding our services to include pre-treatment and one on one consultation sessions. Working with the community since 2015, we have seen a tremendous need to provide more tailored guidance for people that are overwhelmed by where to start. These one on one sessions will aim to provide sufficient information on the options available while making a plan for seeking treatment. During these sessions, each person will get focused information that take their preferences and unique history into consideration so they feel confident with their plan to seek treatments.

The program will be offered in two modes: text-based or phone call/Voov audio call based. Some basic questions that will be answered include:

  • I am seeking counseling treatment, but I do not know where to begin.

  • This is my budget in terms of treatment, what options do I have?

  • I have heard many different perspectives on medication; I am unsure whether medication is a good idea, what do you think?

  • I ran out of medications, and I do not know where to get them in China. Can you help me?

  • There are many types of therapies, how do you know which ones would be appropriate for me?

  • If I go to a Chinese hospital, what would they do with my diagnosis, and would that affect my visa?

  • Besides treatments, what are the resources available here to alleviate my symptoms?

  • I have a close friend or a family member who is currently depressed, what can I do to support them?

  • I have international insurance to cover my bills, but I am not sure if it’d be covered if I go to XYZ place.


  • We are not psychiatrists, so we do not give advice you on which medications would be best for you. Instead, we aim to provide you general psychoeducation.

  • This is not an exhaustive list. You can and should form your own questions that may be more relevant to your situation.

  • We are not experts on everything. It is possible that we do not have answers to some of your questions, or it is not ethical for us to answer some questions.

We are currently pilot testing to ensure we meet the community needs. The protocols and fees will be adjusted after the pilot period. Below are simple steps to follow to access our service for now.

Fees and policy: Appointments are a minimum of 15 minutes (125 RMB per 15 minutes, 15-minute minimum). The fee is not refundable, but you can transfer your time to another person and inform us.


We might not have all the answers to all the questions you have. If we provide no response to your questions at all, we will refund your fee. It is possible that some questions that you ask are too specific and require us to do further research or consult our partners. The cost will be different for these specific situations. We will let you know upfront the price before you make the decision whether or not to use our services.


  1. You will fill out this form here, and send us an email to with the estimated time needed for your session.

  2. After your details have been reviewed, you will be scheduled for a meeting time, and the method of preferred communication will be confirmed.

  3. One-on-one Guidance session (either via text or audio call)

  4. You will fill out the Feedback form


We provide this service in English and Chinese.


In the meantime, we highly encourage you to check out the resources available throughout our website. We've developed them over the years to help ensure that everyone has the knowledge to deal with their mental conditions, and understand the services available in Beijing and in China.


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