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Lesson 5.2: I Have Major Depression- The DOS (Part 1)

According to Jin Liu, Hong Ma, et al., (World Psychiatry 2011: 10:210-216) throughout the entire world and among all illnesses, the treatment gap for mental disorders is huge. This number in China is unacceptably high, with 91.8% of all individuals with any diagnosis of mental disorders never seeking help. For psychotic disorders, 27.6% never sought help and 12% saw non-mental health professionals only.

Depression falls in this sector. When suffering from depression and unable to function normally it is exceedingly difficult to help yourself. Continuing with the theme of this chapter: I have major depression, what do I do? let’s explore some of the approaches you can take to cope with major depression disorder (MDD). Again, there’s no one single route to recovery. Each individual might have his or her own way of dealing with it.

This lesson is about what worked for Xiaojie