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Event Review | MoodlaB Emotional Wellbeing Workshop with WCO

On the 19th of March, 2017 CandleX held its second Emotional Wellbeing Workshop, as a part of its Bipolar Disorder Awareness Campaign. These workshops are a major part of the community education pillar of the campaign. The second workshop took place at the W_Stage Beijing at World Culture Open, at Dangdai MOMA. The workshop lasted for more than two hours (way longer than originally planned due to participants enthusiasm) and was filled with lively discussions, physical and artistic activities, and informative presentations. The event had an attendance of around twenty young locals and expats.

Muscle relaxation for emotion relaxation

The event was led by CandleX’s technical team: Melena Slaven, Kate Lee, and joined by Jess Hardcastle, and Ugnė Mikalajūnaitė. The event was hosted by Mara Horowitz, the Operation officer from CandleX. If you have been following our news, you’d know by now what our workshops are like.

Today, let’s take a look at some pictures from our workshop.

CandleX’s workshop facilitators, volunteers and organizers

You remember Ugne Mikalajunaite? Coordinator of moodlab project, and an inspiring individual sharing her own story with bipolar disorder to raise awareness.

Melena Slaven giving a presentation on the diversity of emotions.

Physical movement for emotion circulation.

Participants engaging in more talks and discussions.

A drawing activity that helps to visualize one’s emotions.