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Hiring | Social Media Content Producer (Volunteer)

Want to use your writing skills for a growing mental health charity, Candlex? We are a mental health focused organization promoting awareness for depression and bipolar disorder in Beijing. Additionally, we provide social support to the international community residing in Beijing.


This position gives you a platform to write various articles for CandleX, from newsletter posts, to people’s stories. It also gives you a platform to build your connection with local and foreign media in Beijing, which allows you to work with a variety of stakeholders and individuals. Through this position, you will be able to enhance your professional skills.


You will be working with a team of 10 people from all over the world. This is a team of talents, skills, and most importantly, easy-going, supportive and fun as key characters of the engine!

We value professionalism to the core! That means everyone that you will be working with has demonstrated their commitment, their problem solving skills, reliability and team spirit.

You know the saying, “A little gall spoils a great deal of honey”? At least that is what Baidu tells us!

So yes, we are demanding of whom we work with, even it is a volunteer position. But once you are in, you are family. We joke, we take care of each other, and we make sure we grow together!

Some of us are spare time dancers, musicians, casual comedians. So expect life to be fun working on depression! You will be busy, like happy busy. Nobody gets burn out here. It’s simply against our mental health rule!


Personal growth is our key principle. We believe an organization that gives space for personal development will grow naturally.

What if you become interested in other roles? Try it out with us: communications, graphic designs, public speaking, event organizing, partnership building, editing, and coordination. None of them interests you? Create your own here later on!

Try them all, make mistakes! Find one thing that clicks with you here!

(Also, you’ve guessed it. If we don’t offer money, we’d better offer something right?!)

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