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Latest Exhibition | MoodlaB on Bipolar Disorder Campaign

Halcyon Days

This month (December 2018), we have an upcoming exhibition in the LACD Los Angeles Center for Digital Art with this “Halcyon Days “photo from our MoodLab Project.

Since the first photo was exhibited in 2016, our effort to campaign for bipolar disorder awareness continues. This photo marked the 8th time that we participated in the art exhibition.

The Moodlab Project kicked off in September 2016, with the core element of our photoshoot featuring community members whose lives are affected by bipolar disorder. As part of 9 elements, this is the foundation of this project, which uses art to create a space for conversation, courage, and community connection as well as bringing people with bipolar disorder out of the darkness.

We are partnering with Pere Ibanez (, a renound artist from Spain, to invite people into our studio for a photography session, and to learn their individual stories.

2 years have passed and we have taken the time to connect with the community members. We have completed 24 photo shoots and released 5 personal stories of the model in partnership with Berapy. Pere Ibanez released his newest book “Syzygy” in December 2017 with all productions from the Moodlab project, which became a best-selling book on iTunes. Some of the photos have won world awards that we are very proud of. Throughout the years, our photos have made into exhibitions around the world, been featured in magazine and newspaper, and spread the awareness of bipolar disorder.

It is not just a photoshoot, but a process for the participants to be able to step up and advocate for bipolar disorder. These are people at our dinner table, but with a story that you might not know. Each photo is a symbol that no one should be alone. Each photo is a triumph, where we all can have a voice, even if it shakes us.

Here are the personal stories of the models from Moodlab Project, and there will be more to come: ·Partner in this Whole Ordeal ·Safe Space ·Care Less ·Where the Sun and the Moon Meet (One Model One Story | World Mental Health Day) ·Going with My Mind

With this in mind, we invite you to engage with the pictures and hear the voices from each picture. We encourage you to keep an open mind as you might hear different things from these pictures.

Here’s a quick review of the photos we’ve released: