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CandleX Hangout | Restaurant Hopping, Dec 27th

For the last two years, the Mental Health CandleX Wechat group has provided a safe and supportive space for deep and meaningful conversations about anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that can sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about in daily life.

The group is made up of an exciting fusion of psychologists, media professionals, community leaders and other people motivated by a commitment to help either themselves or loved ones overcome their difficulties. Together, we have inspired and nurtured this community through our shared passion, knowledge and experience.

CandleX will now provide the opportunity to develop deeper connections with like-minded people living in Beijing. We invite everyone to join us for our first ever hangout event in December 2020 – just in time for Christmas.

Come and meet other people passionate about mental health issues. We plan to have heart-warming, meaningful and engaging conversations while embracing the festive spirit together.

Anyone and everyone are welcome, and we highly encourage community leaders to join us so we can hopefully collaborate and join forces to scale up the mental health support scene in Beijing. The new year is almost upon us, and by coming together we hope to impact, inspire and help more people than ever before. At least two CandleX staff members will be present to discuss possible cooperation opportunities in more detail.

We will be in SOHO Sanlitun for a fun evening of chatting, delicious food and Christmas cheer, enjoying both authentic Sichuanese cuisine as well as Turkish kebab. It’s guaranteed to be a good time!

We aim to organize a hangout event like this every month from now, so don’t fret if you can’t make it this time round. Just remember to keep an eye out for the next one.

We would like to invite you to hang out with us on Sunday December 27th, 2020. Please see below for more details.

Time: Meet at 6:00 pm in Dianbadianer Hongyou Dumplings. We’ll officially finish up at8:00 pm, though at previous CandleX events we usually end up staying longer and finishing at around 10:00 pm! (Of course, you can leave at any time you wish).

  • Date: December 27th, 2020

  • Location: Sanlitun

  • Restaurant: Dianbadianer Hongyou Dumplings (B1-238 1F SOHO shopping mall, 点吧点儿红油抄手) & Doner Kebap ( 6-116 1F SOHO shopping mall)

  • If you love spicy food you don’t want to miss these authentic Sichuanese snacks! Hongyou Dumplings also offers limited vegetarian options, and Doner Kebap has a wider range of green options.

  • Not pet friendly

  • Ticket fee:

There are five available options:

o 100 RMB – standard fee

o 130 RMB – 100 standard fee + 30 donation to CandleX’s support group

o 160 RMB – 100 standard fee + 60 donation to CandleX’s teen project

o 190 RMB – 100 standard fee + 90 donation to CandleX’s teen project

o 80 RMB – for students and people with financial difficulties, CandleX will subsidize 20 RMB

Early bird registration closes on December 24th at 04:00 pm. After that, the standard fee will rise to 120 RMB.

RSVP: Click here or scan the QR code below to get your tickets now! Please leave your Wechat ID so we can contact you.

All proceeds will go towards supporting CandleX’s projects. Click the links below for more information.

Mental health for teens | CandleX on air


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for 15-22 year old, add our admin: amaraprenderyya

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