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CandleX: What it Means to Me, and the Community | Xiaojie on EmberFlame

In February of 2021, Zhen from EmberFlame interviewed CandleX’s director Xiaojie on her story of founding and running CandleX. Thank you to EmberFlame for not only producing the wonderful videos below but also for showing support and interest in mental health.

If you live in China, you can watch from our Tencent channel:

In the three-part video series, Xiaojie opens up to us about her personal experience with mental health, as well as the creation and development of CandleX and the community it created. Xiaojie’s own experience with mental illness led to the birth of CandleX. In the past six years, CandleX created a community that provides an open space for talks on mental health. “Through talking, shame dies,” Xiaojie says. Since 2020, CandleX has not only provided help for adults but teens as well. The birth of CandleX only ignited a fire to start discussions, Xiaojie says. The community is doing the rest – it knows its need, and is building the flame to further facilitate space and give strength to those who need it.

The Ember Flame is a documentary series showcasing stories of diverse community founders and entrepreneurs pursuing passion projects and building communities in Beijing.

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