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Event Review | The Taboo of Suicide in China

Small and intimate gathering

For the taboo of suicide

On the 10th of September – the World Suicide Prevention Day – Xiaojie Qin, the founder of CandleX, took part in a Beijing Community Dinners’ event. The discussion was on the pressing topic of suicide in China. Both Beijing community members and journalists from Global Times, CNN, and Xinhua news joined the small gathering over a shared meal.

The intention of this dinner and discussion was to shed more light on the often unspoken matter of suicide. Xiaojie talked mainly about the prevalence of suicide and ways to spot the warning signs. It is of utter importance to be cautious of these signs and be able to help oneself and others during hard times. Other participants joined in the discussion sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Claudine Housen from Global Times followed up the discussion by interviewing Xiaojie and several other community members for their publication on suicide prevention. The article was mainly written for the purpose of both helping the individuals and allowing the community to not be afraid to speak about suicide. You can read the article here.


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