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Sign up | Bedtime 30 mins mini-sessions, Emotional Regulation

Are you looking to improve your bedtime routine or better manage your intense emotions? Then you'll want to hear from Xiaojie, a psychotherapist and director of CandleX. In this series of mini-sessions, she will share valuable insights and tools that she use in psychotherapy for emotional regulation. Now listen to what she says about this series.

Mini-session series Details

  • Time: 22:30-23:00 Beijing Time Sunday to Thursday, every day for 5 days

  • Date: 26th-30th March 2023

  • Fee: 100rmb (this is a trial run) no refund

  • Format: via Voov, guided session

  • Registration: contact Summer.

Transcript of Xiaojie’s video

It's 10:30pm and instead of winding down, you find yourself unable to put down your phone. Perhaps you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed by work or experiencing a wave of sadness and loneliness after a breakup. My name is Xiaojie, and I'm a psychotherapist and director at CandleX. For those experiencing significant life events or chronic anxiety and depression, bedtime can be particularly challenging. Years ago, at a mindfulness retreat, a teacher said that the day doesn't start when you wake up, but when you go to bed. This is why I've created mini-sessions at 10:30pm to help prepare you for a good night's sleep and equip you with tools to navigate conflicts and stress you may face the next day.

I work with clients who have a range of experiences, from bipolar disorder and abusive relationships to addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, and low mood. Regardless of their life situation and presenting issues, they all benefit from building up their resources bank where they can deposit tools to help regulate their mood. The more you exercise your mind with these tools, the stronger and more "rich" you become in your emotional resources for rainy days. I've selected tools that are particularly helpful for bedtime to help you establish a healthy bedtime routine and build up your emotional regulation abilities.

From March 26th to 30th (Sunday to Thursday), for one week, every day at 10:30pm, you can join me online from your bed or sofa in your pajamas. Before bedtime, it's not ideal to socialize or overly activate your thinking brain, which is why these sessions will have minimal talking and interaction, and you are advised to turn your camera off. The tools are mindfulness-based, and I'll guide you step-by-step for 30 minutes. The next day, you're welcome to share your experiences using these tools in our WeChat group and get to know each other.

Remember, in order for the world to love you, you need to learn to love yourself first. This one week, I hope to get you started on that process. Would you like to join me? Contact Summer for details of the fee and registration. You can find her WeChat (ID: Zingyzinger) in the description.

About the Facilitator


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