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Sign Up Evening Sitting with Loneliness | 22:30 Bedtime Session

Feelings of loneliness and disconnection are difficult for us to deal with. If you have recently gone through a breakup, lost a loved one, or experience chronic social anxiety etc., you could feel intense loneliness right before bedtime. If we do not pay attention to how we deal with it and its impact, we might fall into negative coping behaviors like alcohol, excessive phone usage, or hookups to avoid feeling lonely.

It’s easy to know what’s the right thing to do, but hard to do it on your own. That’s exactly why we created the Bedtime Session, to tackle one issue at a time. After March’s session on emotional regulation, April’s theme is on sitting with loneliness, together as a group online.

Each session is 30 mins, and they will be mindfulness-based. You are encouraged to turn your camera off, put on your pajamas, and go straight to bed after each session. In these sessions, there will not be any talking amongst participants so we could wind down.

These sessions are created with the Session Goals to:

  • Establish a healthy bed time routine

  • Improve the quality of your sleep

  • Understand loneliness and what it means for you

  • Practicing being with loneliness

  • Increase mental resilience in the long run

  • Not feeling lonely is not a goal here, but it might end up being a result if you do it right

Mini-session series details:

  • Time: 22:30-23:00 Beijing Time Sunday to Thursday, every day for 4 days

  • Date: 24th-28th April 2023

  • Fee: 100rmb, no refund

  • Format: via Voov, guided session

  • Registration: contact Summer

About the Facilitator

You can also learn about psychotherapy by scanning the QR code in Xiaojie’s profile:


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