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Sign Up: Group Facilitators Processing Session | Mental Health

As more attention is placed on the importance of mental health, we have seen a rising number of support groups being established across various communities. These community-based mental health support groups include peer support group (by Candle X), alcohol anonymous group, sex addiction group, men’s group, sexual trauma group, abusive relationship recovery group, and more. Besides these community-based services, there are companies that provide group coaching or therapy services for a specific group and a goal such as conflict resolution, stress, anxiety, and so on.

Facilitators of mental health groups take on the role of holding space for participants. It’s never an easy role given the area of work that we do. Sometimes facilitators might feel frustrated, confused, incapable or conflicted, and are not emotionally supported through that process. Moreover, many facilitators who initiate groups on their own do not get enough technical support to grow as a facilitator.

Since 2015, CandleX has provided training for group facilitators, while also providing one-on-one coaching and support to individuals who are in this role. As requests for this type of support increase, we would like to create a regular, ongoing space to support facilitators both emotionally and technically.

Bi-monthly Facilitator’s Gathering Session Online is a place where facilitators come together and process their challenges and struggles, and check-in with one another’s wellbeing.

The goals of these gathering sessions are:

  • Meet other facilitators who work on their own, and feel a sense of connection

  • Process challenges and struggles experienced as a facilitator

  • Learn from each other on the techniques needed for successful group facilitations

  • Check in with ourselves and others on our emotional wellbeing, including needs that could have been compromised by being on the role

  • Hold ourselves accountable for taking care of ourselves

It’s for you if you:

  • are a facilitator of groups, especially on mental health

  • are a therapist or a coach that works with groups

Time, Date, Location:

  • 5th July 2023

  • Every 1st Wed of May, Jul, Sep, Nov 2023: 7pm-8:30pm (May 3, Jul 5, Sep 6, Nov 1 2023)

  • Online via Wechat group


  • 150rmb (scholarships available for those with financial limitations)

Details & Registration:

  • Scan the QR code below to contact Summer

  • are a facilitator of groups, especially on mental health

  • are a therapist or a coach that works with groups


Given the industry that we work in, confidentiality is of vital importance. Trainers and attendees shall not disclose any personal information shared within these support sessions, publicly or privately, unless given direct consent.

About the Trainer:

Xiaojie Qin

Psychotherapist, director of CandleX, manager of the Mental Health Peer support group since 2015. Facilitated countless group sessions as a therapist and a trainer for facilitators over the years.


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