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The Examined Life | CandleX Monthly Event

In November 2021, CandleX launched The Examined Life, an intimate monthly gathering dedicated to self-discovery, emotional growth, and the exploration of topics that most of us can relate to.

Greek philosopher Socrates famously stated that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” To Socrates, all philosophical exploration is reduced to one simple commitment: to know ourselves.

In our fast-paced society where many social settings require us to mask up and engage in small talk, we don’t always have the time to listen to ourselves and get to know our inner selves better. Many topics that truly deserve our attention are overlooked or pushed to the back of our minds. Some examples:

· How do we deal with loneliness?

· How do we deal with grief and the ultimate existential concern: death?

· What does our parents’ relationship teach or fail to teach us about love?

· How do we accept ourselves and why is self-acceptance so hard to come by?

· What difficult patterns of behaviour are we prey to in friendships and romantic relationships? Etc.

While mental health support group provides a safe space for anyone to open up about their life and mental health struggles, The Examined Life lays tough life questions on the table, and by practicing a culture of vulnerability, candor, and intimacy, helps us better understand ourselves and cope with life’s ebbs and flows. The gathering hopes to bring us deeper self-awareness and more resilience, which are key to leading fulfilling lives.

What the Gathering Offers:

  • A safe space to open up, share, and find comfort in each other’s most human, vulnerable side;

  • More lucid understanding of topic discussed;

  • Self-discovery, self-knowledge, and emotional growth;

  • Authentic, meaningful connection with those who likewise crave for and are replenished by such engagement;

A non-judgmental support system.

Details at a Glance:

· Date & Time: The third Tuesday each month, at 7 pm (unless otherwise specified; gathering signup link will be shared in the CandleX group)

· Language: English

· Fee: ¥50 or donation-based

· Gathering size: up to 10 attendees

· Location: an apartment near Chaoyangmen station (detail in signup link)

· Signup: An event signup will be sent to the CandleX WeChat group the week before. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

Principles for Gathering:

1. [Not a therapy group]

· Our setting is not that of group therapy. We are a casual, friendly gathering.

· The host and attendees are not professionals so are not equipped to offer professional mental health advice.

2. [In case of crisis]

· Please seek professional help immediately in case of crisis.

· Visit our website for more crisis support:

· CandleX is not responsible for the safety of people engaging in self-harm or suicidal ideations.

3. [Non-judgment]

· No form of disrespect or verbal/nonverbal violence is tolerated.

· We practise active listening and offer personal opinions respectfully.

4. [Participation]

· Everyone is encouraged to share.

· Everyone can pass any time if they don’t want to share.


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