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Call for Submission for column “My Story with Depression”

Have you ever wonder: what life is like when you’re depressed or thought that nobody else could understand your own depression?

The CandleX Column, My Story with Depression aims to tackle both of these questions.

“I have read many online stories about depression during my own times of darkness. It’s always the positive ones that can hold me above water for that day, and then I read another one, and another day goes by, and another…until I crawl to the end of the tunnel where the light shines into my heart.”

Xiaojie, Editor in Chief

We’d like to invite you to write your own story. It could be about how you felt when you were going through depression, about how you helped a loved one through depression or about what you have learnt through your own experiences.

Please read the following email. It is the email that we send to those who are interested in writing an article for this column. We hope that it will help to answer any questions you may have if you are considering writing an article for this column.

Dear CandleX My Story Column Writers,

We are pleased that you are interested in writing your personal story about depression. Please take a look at the following guidelines so as to enable you to write a story that best fits the style and needs of the CandleX audience.

We believe that the healing power of sharing our own personal struggles and experiences with depression can help others to see light.

We believe that through public speaking we can reduce the social stigma associated with mental illness. No misery should be denied or discriminated against.


Reflecting on and sharing your story so as to open hearts, strengthen and develop a more resilient community.


2-3 pages (without pictures)


Hei, size 12


Any content related to depression or bi-polar disorder. It could be your own feelings, experiences, perspectives, and learning. It could be stories of how you assisted a family member, friend or colleague that has depression.

Make sure that your story has one key message, and one only. This will help the audience digest it and has a bigger impact on the reader. A key message could be one of the following (or anything you like):

“I should not blame myself for feeling bad. Because feeling bad is part of life and should be allowed.”

“I reached out for help, and that was the first step towards recovery”

If you have more than 1 key message to send, you may submit more than 1 article. We believe we all have many stories to tell. So instead of squeezing them all into one story, rather write two or three or four…


Do not share other people’s story without their consent.

Do not share other people’s names without their consent.


Adding pictures makes the article more appealing to the reader.

Please add 5 or more pictures that are relevant to the content.

Be aware that if it’s a picture from you, you automatically give us the consent to use it. Please make sure that all people (whose face are recognizable) consent to the use of the picture.

If it’s a picture from the internet, please make sure that the pictures are open source and everyone’s free to use them.


Please write your article using our WeChat post template (attached to the email).

Attach all original photos to the email you send us.


Please finish your story within a month of receiving this letter

Submit to


Please tick the box by entering an “X” (on the template) if you would like to stay anonymous.

Consent to use your article

We will publish your story on our website, WeChat and other social media accounts in order to raise awareness about depression. By submitting to us, you give us the consent to do so, with the knowledge that you will receive no remuneration.

Feedback and Publication

Feedback will be given within 15 days of submission. Once your article is reviewed and approved, we’ll schedule a date for publication.

We want to thank you for having the courage, kindness, and strength to share your story with others. CandleX is an organization powered by community, and we are so very happy to have your support and trust.

Together, we’ll bring light into the darkness.


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