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Event Review | Online Talk with Weclub on Depression

While CandleX’s primary focus is spreading awarenes of depression and mental health in Beijing, we are exploring reaching more audiences outside Beijing by engaging in an interactive way. Candlex’s founder, Xiaojie, via WeChat gave a talk on mental health to the audience of WeClub, a Hong Kong based organization. There were 28 participants, 70% of which were women. Half of the participants were from Hong Kong and half from mainland. This is the first session that CandleX has conducted online for broader audiences.

Xiaojie began by discussing her own personal struggle with depression and how she learned to stay healthy in mind and body. Her story segued into the creation of CandleX, where she discussed our mission and goals. The online meeting was schedule to go from 8:00pm to 9:30pm, however, due to the high interests during the Q&A section it ended up going about 30 minutes over.

Overall, this was a very different experience for Xiaojie as it was conducted entirely online, with the host from WeClub facilitating the direction of the talk, and engagement of the audience. CandleX welcomes all organizations and companies interested in learning more about depression to reach out to us for a similar session. CandleX will continue to have discussions on depression, bipolar disorder and mental health; keep an eye out for our future events!

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