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Mental Health Workshops Here, Anyone Home?

CandleX seeks to raise awareness about depression and bi-polar disorder. It is important to, as a community, increase our resilience to mental illness and reduce the associated stigma. CandleX would like to scale up our interactive presentations and workshops in and around Beijing’s local international community so as to assist in this transition.


Our interactive workshops can be conducted in schools, communities, organizations, and companies. Each presentation or workshop session is between 90 and 120 minutes long and includes activities such as a formal presentation, movie screening, and an open discussion tailored to the audience with role-play and group games incorporated.

See below, for a summary of the Depression Workshop provided for The British Council of Beijing.

CandleX strives to continue raising the awareness of mental illnesses and hopes that more people will join in. Together, we are more aware of our own mental well-being, and cultivate self-acceptance and self-love, we learn to help one another when our friends, family members or colleagues fall into a depressive mode, and, as a community, we become more resilient against depression.

We’d like to invite you all be part of the light that shines into the dark corners. Here are the 3 simple ways that you can contribute:

  • Talk to your HR manager and we can come deliver a workshop for the staff.

  • Talk to your friends community, and we can come to your event and make a presentation.

  • Talk to your school counsellors and management, we can come to your school to deliver a workshop for the students.

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