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Support Needed | CandleX first art book on Bipolar Disorder

“I am hiding in the corner because if they know, they’ll judge me

I am suffocated, because you don’t know what I am going through

I am exhausted because I have to fake like I am okay”

--words from people with bipolar disorder

Because we want you to hear their voice, and because we want them to be strong enough to step up, we are putting together a book, and we need your support.

An art educational book on bipolar disorder with 3 key elements:

  • 15-25 photos

  • a personal story accompanying each photo

  • basic knowledge of bipolar disorder

One month, and one month only

Starting today, there’s 29 days left!

Share and Donate

  • Donation of any amount is appreciated

  • Share on your social media.

Scan for the fundraiser details

for Chinese speakers

for English speakers

Background of the Book

In September 2016, CandleX initiated a new project: MoodlaB - awareness raising on bipolar disorder. It aims to unite the hidden voices in the dark, and bring unseen faces together.

It’s been a year, and we are half way through.

The Moodlab photoshoot is the core element of this project, with the studio room component now completed. For the past 12 months, we have invited 20 community members into our studio and partnered with famous Spanish artist: Pere Ibanez ( The models are ordinary people in our community who have a connection with mental disorder (particularly bipolar disorder). They are people who have bipolar disorder, or have a loved one with bipolar disorder, or they are a mental health professional. Every two months, we released a photo around the world, and to date we have released 5 photos around the world and promoted to our community to learn about bipolar disorder. Click here for more information on our exhibition updates.

10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day. We chose this month to launch this fundraising campaign because 1 out of 4 people who have bipolar disorder attempt suicide and 1 out of 10 suicide attempts are successful. This has decreased from 20 years ago due to improvement in patients seeking helping and clinical treatment. However, this is still too many.

CandleX provides psychosocial support to people with mental health issues, and many are people with bipolar disorder. So we are the voice for them, and for those who are still deciding whether to step out to seek help.

We aim to publish this book by March 30, 2018 which is World Bipolar Disorder Day. It will be available to the Beijing community, NGOs and an online version will also be made available. We hope the book can improve the recognition of bipolar disorder.

#B: Bipolar, capital B, also stands for “be”. Help the world to unlock the potentials in all of us, despite the limitations that we all face.

Join us

To #B


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