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Partner In this Whole Ordeal | One Model One Story

Today on December 14th, 2017

We released our eighth photobook in Los Angeles

As part of our MoodLab project aimed to raise awareness for bipolar disorder.

Some depression patients display symptoms that are considered risks factors for progression to bipolar disorder. According to Dr. Vladimir Maletic’s newest research findings, these people should warrant special clinical attention.

I pay special attention to this

Because in my peer support group

Some participants with bipolar disorder

have gone through that progression

Most were unaware of it until diagnosis

Awareness is the foundation for prevention

I’d like to recount a story that we published in 2016. A story about the models, Enoch and Tim, who were invited to our studio for this photography campaign. Behind their beautiful photograph is a story of how Tim supported Enoch through times of struggle. Enoch is the founder and director of Berapy, our partner for the One Model One Story initiative.

I’d like to invite you to read it with a cup of hot tea

With the comfort in your sofa

Here it goes

A refuge of support

A place to rest our minds

A space to let our tears flow

Just lay here with me

A story of love


Dec 2017


About the Models

Name: Enoch Li Name : Timothy Coghlan

Country of Origin: Hong Kong, China Country of Origin: Australia

Time in Beijing: Since 2009 Time in Beijing: 2001 for a while, since 2009

Occupation: Play Consultant, Bearapy Occupation: Consultant


A story of husband and wife


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