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We are in the Finalist-Best Photography 2017 | Bipolar Disorder Campaign

This how we feel recently!

We may try hard to be humble. But deep down, sometimes we are like this:

Throughout the development of Moodlab, our initiative to “Raise Bipolar Awareness via Art,” the photos released through the project have been receiving a lot of international attention during the whole process. Our first exhibition was in Dec 2016 in L.A, and from that point on, it really has just exploded on the internet.

We can’t create good art without the soul of a good artist. And this artist published a book with our Moodlab productions!

The photographer and our partner, Pere Ibañez, has received a great amount of attention since the release of his book “Syzygy.” Photos are a production of our Moodlab Bipolar Campaign.

“Syzygy”, published on December 4, 2017, features the heart-touching photos of fellow members of the community, who have experienced bipolar disorder and depression in their life. This book has already gained recognition from the media, and the public.

The book became a top-seller on the iTunes store’s “Art & Entertainment” section on its first week early Dec 2017. Guess who’s second? That Harry Potter one!

Pere also became a finalist at the “37th Annual Spring Photography Contest” for his works. The contest was organized by “The Photographer’s Forum” and the finalists’ almanac they released included one of the Moodlab photos – “Behind the Grey Wall”. We are very happy and proud of Pere for this achievement!

Listen up, this one is significant!

This February 2018, 'Syzygy' received the Open 2018 Juror's Choice Award in DarkRoom Gallery (Vermont), where 'Bad Moon Rising' will be exhibited as well.

A preview of half of the photos produced

Guess which one is “Behind the Grey Wall?!” and which one is “Bad Moon Rising?!”

Lastly, Pere also gave several interviews to the media for this successful book release. For example, one of the interviews appeared on the Nora Gouma magazine website – “Interview with visual artist Pere Ibañez, examines the duality of human nature with his new photo-series”. Another one appeared on the USA Art News website – “Artist Pere Ibañez releases new photography series and book ‘Syzygy’”.

Nonetheless, our Moodlab project does not stop here. We are continuing to bring you stories and photographs of the project participants each month: “One Model One Story.” For Feb 2018, we present to you our model and friend - Marco Brun del Re. You might know him from our “My Story with Depression” column.

Marco, stepped into the studio in the summer of 2016, and stepped out with this gorgeous photo (it’s the first picture of Marco we’ve seen where he’s not smiling)! In this stillness, I see vulnerability, strength, acceptance, and embracement. What do you see? (Leave your answer in the comments)

Moreover, we are working on our own book, #B, which will feature selected photos, stories, and educational facts on bipolar disorder. This way we are aiming to shed some light on the lives of affected people and raise awareness in society about this rarely spoken matter.

We are still fundraising to make the #B, please scan the codes below to find out more.

In Chinese

In English

Oh, by the way, here are the answers!

Behind the Grey Wall

Bad Moon Rising

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