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Press | CandleX on Beijing Kids and Global Times

CandleX was established for the purpose of mitigating the taboo of speaking out about mental illness (especially for foreigners in the Beijing community), educating the public of not only what mental disorders are, but more importantly, to raise awareness for the importance of mental wellbeing through our series of projects.

With this vision, we are proud to have received the recognition of two internationally renowned press platforms in Sep 2017: Beijing Kids and Global Times. Below are some of the highlights from each published article.

Global Times’ article includes the story of an English adolescent, Katherine Manser, that currently resides in Beijing: its truthful, comprehensive narration allows us to peek into the mind of one that struggles with anxiety and depression. Leading on from this, through an interview with Xiaojie, it details ways to reach out for help and methods in which we could support those around us. As one of the comments say, “This is such an important topic to discuss… So glad to learn about CandleX and the resources they provide!”

Click here to read the full Global Times article:

Similarly, CandleX was also featured on Beijing Kids. In the spirit of World Suicide Prevention Day, journalist Andy Penafuerte interviewed Xiaojie to better understand the purpose and vision of this NGO. During their discussion, issues such as risk factors, response methods, the role of the media and resources for support were brought up. It is suffice to say that the attention that CandleX has received from the local media is a demonstration of the increasing awareness for mental health.

Read the full Beijing Kids article, “Take a min, Change a Life”:

We are so proud to have been featured on these two news platforms and we will continue to work tirelessly towards our cause. We hope that our message will spread across the community and resonate with many in the public.

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