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Bearapy’s new book | Recommendation

In the spirit of World Mental Health Day in Oct, our long-time partner, Bearapy, published a book to mitigate the gendered stigma surrounding mental health.

Facing mental wellbeing is a challenging task in itself, but imagine having to tackle it from an even more disadvantaged position? Though many may not realize or be willing to admit, it is more taboo for men to open up about their feelings and emotions as compared to women. Part of this is due to cultural reasons, but it is something we can work together, as a community, to change.

Sharing stories about those that have struggled or are struggling with mental health is the first step to acceptance. This book provides the perfect example for this. This book includes a collection of personal stories shared by men in China. Knowing that other people out there share similar troubles as you do makes each challenge appear less daunting, and makes it just a little easier to face.

Besides personal anecdotes, the book also emphasizes the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, eating on time; sleeping more, sleeping on time. These are basic steps to improving our mental wellbeing that are often overlooked by those who are overly driven towards work and success.

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