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Community Writing | CandleX Projects

Since the very start, we have wanted CandleX to be a platform for sharing stories and advice about mental health. Throughout previous projects, such as Moodlab, where we produced a series of story on bipolar disorder and our recent Letters to Parents series, we have focused on real-life experiences and stories of people living with mental health conditions, and of young people as they learn more about themselves. Now, for, we are putting all of these projects together under an expanded umbrella project we are calling Community Writing.

Mental health matters.

Your stories matter.

CandleX community matters.

That’s why this new project will bring together all our community stories, interviews, and submitted writing, and will expand to cover more types of submitted writing too.

Lots of you have been enjoying our Open Letters to Parents Series in which some brave young people share the letters they have always wanted to write to their parents. We’re expanding this to include any letter that our young writers would like to share and change the name to “Teens Open Letter, part of Community Writing”. It also includes community interviews on topics related to mental health: "My Stories, My Emotions"(originally named “My Depression, My Story”), a series of first-person accounts of living with mental illness in Beijing, and other community-submitted stories about mental health.

To see the stories, keep following our WeChat account or check out the new tab on our website:

Do you have a story to tell that could inspire, educate, or engage our Beijing-based audience? Get in touch and send us writing by e-mail or WeChat.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @CandleX_Beijing to read more about what we get up to!

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