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Join CandleX | Remote & Beijing-based volunteer roles available

CandleX is recruiting! Find out more and how to apply – find the answers to all your questions below!

What is CandleX?

CandleX is a mental health focused organization promoting awareness for depression and bipolar disorder in Beijing. Additionally, we provide psychosocial support to the international community residing in Beijing.

For more info, check out our website:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a wide range or hardworking, enthusiastic people with a range of different skills. Most of the people we are looking for don’t need any specific experience, just some spare time, the ability to learn fast and a passion for mental health – so get in touch!

If we think you might be a good fit, we can create a JD together based on the overlap between your interests and the needs of the organization.

Example areas of work

  1. Social Media – remote work writing, editing and posting stories and updates on our social media pages. We regularly publish inspiring and relatable stories from the Beijing community, including our popular Teens Open Letter series, so if you are a writer, then we are looking for you.

  2. Community Outreach – mainly based in Beijing, this work involved working on community events and partnerships. Recent events include workshops on mental health in the workplace and longstanding partnerships with international schools.

  3. Technical Team – qualified counsellors, paid for their expertise, attend events, mentor participants or carry out workshops online or in person.

The samples in these past articles might give you some inspiration of the kind of roles we are looking for: but remember, everyone’s experience levels are different. If you have specific ideas of projects, we would love to hear them!

What can we offer you?

Personal growth is our key principle. We believe a volunteer organization that gives space for personal development will grow naturally. Since we can’t offer regular remuneration with the exception of our technical team, we hope volunteering with CandleX will be as rewarding as possible.

How can I apply?

Hey lucy you didn't send me the qr code that's supposed to be here

If you aren’t already familiar with CandleX, we recommend you follow our Wechat account, join our public group by scanning the QR code below or come to an event or two to get familiar with what we do.

After that, there are four simple steps:

1. Send in a CV and short Cover Letter outlining your experience and interests, along with the full PDF results of (choose "take a free disc test") to

2. An interview with your potential new manager (via phone or face to face)

3. A probation period of two months will allow us to further define your role together and set expected outcomes from your time with the organization.

4. Formally join CandleX.

We are looking forward to hearing from you – contact us at with your information!


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