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Xiaojie Jingkids Interview for Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2023, CandleX founder Xiaojie, a registered psychotherapist, was featured by Jingkids for her service & impact as a mental health professional supporting the expat community in Beijing.In this interview she shares some poignant thoughts on the topics of home, motivation, and finding meaning in the madness.As a long time Beijinger, what makes this city so special? What does it mean to embrace the unfolding of life? For Xiaojie, it’s all about finding a sense of groundedness in community and staying true to her inner momentum. From mental health work, mindfulness practice, and yoga, to dancing, jujitsu, and diving, she touches on her favorite activities and the simple joy of living in flow.A creator of her own genre and a student of her own teaching, Xiaojie gives insight to the importance of self-care, goal setting, and the transformational power of being true to oneself.


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