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CCTV News: China Insight on Depression

In June 2015, Xiaojie Qin, Founder of CandleX, spoke about the uncomfortable, sensitive topic of depression on a national television program: CCTV: China Insight. CandleX is honored to be the voice of millions of people who due to the stigma associated with mental illness are going through the darkest and most difficult times of their life in silence.

The episode was aired on CCTV news in August 2015. Watch Xiaojie speak on China Insight, as she opens up about her own experiences with depression and bipolar disorder. Mao Ai Zhen, the founder of Shang Shan Foundation, shares her stories about mental illness within the family and the public reaction to it.

Around the world, there are thousands of people joining hands to raise awareness about mental illness. Many of those affected by mental illness are high achieving individuals that have made significant contributions to the development of our society. For CandleX, they are the inspirations and source of strength.

“I really like Elyn Saks ( Associate Dean and Orrin B. Evans Professor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California Gould Law School, an expert in mental health law and a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship winner)”, Xiaojie says. “She is speaking out about her own mental struggle with schizophrenia and has brought so much power to so many others and enabled them to do the same. If we all speak about it, we will not only help to create a world free of stigma, but fill our hearts with wisdom and light.”

In order to be part of the community and reduce ignorance, and social stigma about depression and bi-polar disorder, CandleX actively engages with media, including national TV channels, newspapers, and magazines. We believe that talking about it is the most effective way to learn and heal. And we also believe that bringing light to the community about mental illness can change how people see others suffering with mental illness. For the full video, please watch here

CCTV(CGTV) webpage. starting from 12mins and 23 seconds We are open for interviews either on camera or off camera about raising the awareness of depression and bi-polar. To get a hold of us for interviews, please contact us via email:

We’d like to introduce the Shang Shan Foundation, they are fighting the stigma of mental illness and educating the public about mental illness. Founder Mao Ai Zhen's efforts in spreading knowledge of depression include creating a handbook that details the causes and symptoms of depression.

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