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Xiaojie's letter | # 20 CandleX's two years now. But where am I?

Xiaojie Qin Founder and Executive Director of CandleX

To my dearest CandleXers,

The last time I wrote a personal email to CandleX’s followers and friends was about July 2016.

When I first started CandleX, I used to write a newsletter that was sent out to everyone who had ever been in contact with us.

Sometimes, it was my story,

Sometimes, it was about our new initiatives,

Other times, it was about my reflections on life.

The first friends of CandleX were an intimate group made up of my own dear friends.

Ayutthaya, Thailand 2017

Then, I paused,

Because things started to push this #20 email back,

Again and again,

For a year now!

In two years,

We have grown from a team of 1 to a team of 12,

We have progressed from working on one project at a time,

To tackling countless projects at the same time.

We went from only communicating via email,

To managing a website, WeChat, and other social platforms.

We went from working by ourselves,

To working with partners.

I haven’t ever designed a clear path for CandleX to follow,

Rather, I envision a way the world could be.

This vision has been leading me

Along a path where opportunities present themselves,

And contacts with people who share this vision are made.

It’s been a journey of excitement, fulfilment, creativity, appreciation, and life changing moments